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Annual Clients: Loyalty Rewards 2019

Annual Clients' Loyalty Rewards: March 2019 

The pleasure and ease of working with loyal and satisfied repeat clients who have signed up for

a year or more, has been utterly amazing. Thank you all.

With a constant flow of scripts and no need to spend time quoting, this has been a refreshingly simple way to work that's operated flawlessly.

Clients love not having to scratch around for a copyeditor, and that they can put scripts in whenever they feel like it. They also value the ease of communications and the consistently high-end editing for good value rates.

This little experiment began in October 2018 but has more than proved its worth, a win-win for both sides!

Loyalty Rewards

Rewards thank annual clients who took a leap of faith and invested lump sums. Some even purchased multiple deals.

Annie may offer clients any of the following, at no extra charges and depending on merit. Some items may also be purchased by non-qualifying clients or non-clients.



FREE Targeted Facebook ads (COMING April 2019)

FREE Access to our Amazon book reviewer panel (June 2019 onwards)

FREE Detailed Editorial Reviews. (COMING April 2019)

FREE Book of the Quarter Award (Available now)

FREE Book of the Year Award (January 2020 onwards)

FREE Hologrammed, Limited Edition Certificates--for script quality, prolific writing, innovation, quality self-editing... and more. (Available now).



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