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Why choose us?

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Why Choose Just Copyeditors?


Ensuring the Best Copy

Annie gives every attention to your script to ensure it reads as well as possible, examining it for errors, duplicate and superfluous words, and confusing phraseology.

We make suggestions if there are other things you can do to enhance a book. Annie is always happy to give free opinion on covers, marketing, and advertising as well as producing excellent copyediting. (Note: blurb editing does count towards your word count). Feel free to ask for help and opinions at any time.

Opt for copy enhancements as well as corrections, if you wish. No extra cost! If you authorise an 'enhanced edit', Annie won't add things unless something leaps out.

You can also--of course--have a simple 'corrections edit' to eliminate errors. 

'Track Changes' means you'll get to accept or reject suggestions.


Annie makes all the necessary changes herself wherever she can. Only those areas requiring a major rewrite would be sent back for you to do.


Sometimes, Annie even writes suggested additional paragraphs you can use if you like them; we try to make life easy for clients and to send back publishing-ready copy.


There will be plenty of red marks but you will mostly just need to accept and reject things to get rid of the blighters!

And last, there will not be any negativity; it is not right for editors to pull apart authors' hard work; we improve it where we can but it's all about working with the client to produce something together and to be a team. 

(Note from Annie: I used to submit articles to an article bank--a bit like a photo stock agency--and I used to be very nervous of what might come back from the editors. It was so subjective. One editor would love what the next hated. There was no consistency and sometimes, a piece was rejected on the basis of something I thought quite stupid. So--bad editors can be a pain and I really try not to be one!)

Low Fees, Easy Payments


Although we now assess every author before quoting a per-word editing rate, fees for direct clients are still low for the extreme hours and work input on every script.

Fees for independent fiction authors are roughly half those charged to other clients (e.g. corporates and third-party-platform clients, and most non-fiction or factual articles authors). Therefore you could say these other work types subsidise your indie author fiction editing. 

Choose package deals* for an even lower rate per word.

Pay by PayPal.

We can bill in GBP, USD, AUD and CAD so you know exactly how much you're paying. 

*Package deals paid up-front: a written contract is available for both parties to sign... or you may elect to work informally with us. Whatever suits you is fine by Annie.

Editorial Dedication

Our ed never takes time out while there's work to be done. 

We also take on only the work we can handle. You won't see Annie hammering away every week on the authors' forums, looking for more editing work. We're quiet for months at a time while the existing work queue is cleared and we advertise for new clients no more than three to four times per annum. 

We have a stack of great reviews and 1-1 referees. No fake testimonials here!

All fiction edits are undertaken by Annie, a British editor mostly working for globally dispersed clients. It's a personal relationship where you know exactly who you're getting.


You'll never have to chase for a reply or wonder when your work is coming back.

Last, Annie tries to turn things around fast if there's a need. Let's say your book's blurb lands unexpectedly; Annie will try and turn it around the same day even if she never saw it coming.

By the time authors are writing blurbs, it's clear the work is ready to go so we don't want to be the hold-up.



If you have bought a package deal, you can send work in to the work queue anytime. It's handy to let Annie know ahead so we can build time into the work queue--but if you forget, you can just join the queue. 

If you wish to buy a one-off, just email Annie and ask if she can take your work, when, and for what fee. 


Running late for your slot? No worries or penalties; Annie can often shift things around. Our visible work queue also ensures everyone knows what's what.

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