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For Book Authors

Consistent, amazing, top-quality book copyediting and enhancement.

Our Concept


We're unique in the products we offer to authors.


While Just Copyeditors was established to provide top-level copyediting services to indie authors and publishers, the service now encompasses the enhancement of scripts at the same time as running your edit.

Many (most?) scripts return from editors leaving half the work undone. We feel that a good edit looks at the whole book--not just the errors. A book won't be a great read just because it has no errors. It's a great read when someone pays attention to making it gripping, engaging, alluring, evocative, enticing, exciting, and emotive.

Our enhanced services provide--alongside a flawless line edit as required--much rewriting of awkward parts or lines, paraphrasing, and new insertions of ghostwritten, amazing copy written by our own Lead Editor Annie.

The book will be 'ready to go live' when you receive it back as long as you like the changes. 

The aim of every job is to provide a wow-factor edit with enhancements no other editor offers, treating your book as our own and aiming for top sales as long as you market it, of course!


Your marked-up script will show a sea of changes in red and blue. Alongside that, you receive the Word copy and a .pdf of your new, squeaky clean enhanced version with all of Annie's corrections, rewrites, and new additions incorporated, free of any markups.


So, from the moment you get it back, you can publish it.

All work is done by Annie. 


Visit a large number of her latest reviews here).


The above link takes you to Annie's page on Fiverr; don't be misled by the site title as our order book there is usually around the $40k mark (for imminent projects in the next couple of months). Big writers and tiny writers alike are welcome--publishers and indies, professors and poets!



We'll eliminate all embarrassing typos and grammatical gaffes, adding to the book many elements of new, engaging ghostwriting if you desire this.

This means Annie will not only correct everything but also enhance and flesh out your own work--for the best possible sales and Amazon reviews. Enhanced work (including Annie's own writing where the book calls for it) can also end up ten percent longer on average.

Vibrant, outstanding books are what we wish to provide after they've received a Just Copyeditors treatment.

Please read the Terms & Conditions.

Don't be in a Rush!

Expect a very good editor to have a long work queue. No copy editor worth their salt is going to be sitting about with no work to do. 

If you do find someone who says they can start very soon, ask yourself why they are available when others--such as Annie--have twenty novel edits pre-booked at a time. The turnaround time nowadays tends to be around the ninety-day mark due to popularity (and only one in every six editing offers is taken due to this).

Think about it. That building firm that offers the lowest price and can begin building your conservatory tomorrow may not be the best bet, ha... Have you given thought to why they are available?

Did all their last clients end up disappointed and let down? Will your conservatory be the laughing stock of the neighbourhood? 

It's just the same when you send your book to an editor. Look for the ones with proven credentials and a waiting list; you see, every man and his dog (and hamster) say they are editors these days!


Please make sure the person or company you'll use is well-proven. Oh, and don't fall for that classic gaffe of choosing the son of your best friend to edit your work (on the basis he just completed his PhD in Old English or whatnot). Academic writing and books for pleasure are poles apart and some of the most awful edits we ever saw were carried out by academics! Sorry, Prof...


Read the Terms & Conditions.

Editing Types & Eds...


We copyedit and enhance/polish all manner of book scripts, whether fiction or non-fiction, though there's definitely a preference for fiction and memoirs.


Lead Editor Annie is the editor most clients know, as she takes charge of all fiction copyedits at a senior level, while sub-editor Brad will proofread and run first-pass edits before Annie does the principal one).

It's also worth noting that Brad is especially good at spotting plot problems and inconsistencies, so it can be useful to book a pre-screening read from Brad before your book gets polished by Annie. This will ensure there are no developmental issues that need to be addressed before Annie works her magic.

Editing in British or U.S. English is equally fine.


Longer books (if fiction) are preferred, with an ideal minimum length of 40,000 words but we don't dismiss anything without seeing it. Non-fiction and memoirs can be shorter.

We've recently edited thrillers, romance, psychological suspense, supernatural fiction, erotica, science fiction, dystopian, and Young Adult--just to name a few genres.

In non-fiction, we often edit biographies, psychology, religion and spirituality, business and entrepreneurism, finance, self-help. The one area we don't cover is academic work including papers and theses.

We correct all errors, marking up amendments using the 'track changes' function in Microsoft Word.


You do need to be able to submit and accept documents in Microsoft Word. But many clients are Mac users and they just use compatible programs.

The thing about MS Word is that it allows you to see where the changes have been made which is important to understand how thorough your edit has been and whether you like all the changes suggested.

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