For Book Authors

Consistent, affordable, top-quality book editing--all on demand.

Our Concept


We provide top-level, all-inclusive editorial services to indie authors, aiming to produce flawless books. 

While it's simple to find good editors, are they free when you need them? Can you afford them? Will editors be offended by that raunchy book of yours?

While you can also buy a one-off edit, our annual fee system gives you an excellent, dedicated editor on demand--free of the need to check if we're willing or available whenever your script's ready.

Submit whatever you wish, whenever.


The Story...

You buy the deal you like. We approve you as a client. We conduct your one-off paid edit or free trial; you love the work we deliver. 

You pay for a package deal of copyediting*. You send lots of scripts! We edit line by line if required. You're so happy. You pay again. We smile broadly. Everyone lives happily ever after.


The End.

Send anything, anytime, up to your limit.

Evenings, weekends, holidays? Go for it! We leap onto your requests like a drunken student pursuing a curry.

Of course, there has to be a work queue; no editor worth their salt is going to be sitting about with no work to do. So when you send your work, please don't expect the editor to get to it right away; we'll let you know the timeline. At times, the current work queue is also visible on the website. At exceptionally busy periods, this feature may not be live because it takes a mass of time keeping it updated, but by popular request, Annie is trying to resurrect it on all jobs (August 2020)!


We'll eliminate all embarrassing typos and grammatical gaffes, leaving just vibrant, outstanding copy.


Please read the Terms & Conditions.

On-Demand Response

Copyeditors sometimes let authors down; we've read about it. Dreadful.

This is an embarrassment to all good editors, and we hope to make it all better for you and eliminate your editorial nightmares.


We'll work on your outstanding tasks with urgency, diligently restoring your faith in editors. 

Please just try to be fair in setting deadlines--as our system needs to work for everyone, not just a few--but we do enjoy the occasional crisis task and short pieces are usually accommodated very quickly. Some clients also like to work on books chapter by chapter, in which case the wait is also shorter. 

For long books (40k words plus), the wait can be up to thirty days depending on time of year--as every client seems to submit lots of work in summer and at Christmas!--but you should never wait longer than this unless you send a whopping epic!

Our work's quality is vital; we won't release work that may still have errors, and we seek out new clients only when we have exhausted our currently waiting work. This means you won't see Annie from Just Copyeditors constantly begging for work--because we're head down in what we already have.


Read the Terms & Conditions.

Editing Types


We copyedit all manner of scripts, whether fiction or factual. Lead Editor Annie is the editor most clients know, as she takes charge of all fiction works.


We also welcome technical, medical or otherwise specialist books, also happily editing scripts from writers for whom English is a second or third language.

We copyedit, line edit, proofread and beta read within our packaged services, with a flat fee structure no matter what you buy.

Editing in British or American English is equally fine.

We've recently edited thrillers, romance, psychological suspense, supernatural fiction, erotica, science fiction and young adult--just to name a few genres.


Novels (even epics), novellas, and short stories are welcome. 

In non-fiction, we often edit biographies, instructional books, psychology, religion and spirituality, travel and adventure, and academic publications. 

We correct all errors, marking up amendments using the 'track changes' function in Microsoft Word.

We also improve your writing when we see awkward or confusing sentences. 


Please note that you do need to be able to submit and accept documents in Microsoft Word or to use Google Docs, as our editors are Windows users, not Mac. But many of our clients are Mac users and we just use compatible programs. The thing about MS Word is that it allows you to see where the changes have been made (as does Google Docs), which is important to understand how throrough your edit has been.  

Terms & Conditions.