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Placing an Order

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Order a One-Off Edit

1) Sending Annie a long sample of your script: Tell Annie your book's final length and when she might receive it for editing.

If you're buying so far ahead that you don't have the exact script to send, submit an unedited example from a different book you have written.

Feel free to grab currently advertised rates even if your work won't be ready for a while. 

2) Annie will send you an invoice via a credit/debit card link, via Worldpay. We can invoice in GBP, USD, CAD and AUD. Clients outside these countries are billed in USD.

Paypal is available if clients cover the Paypal fees. Our rates are so low, we need the whole sum for cash flow. Using Worldpay is fee-free for everyone.

3) Keep Annie informed about your likely delivery date but don't worry if you send it earlier or later. It will go into the work queue when it arrives and Annie will let you know the date you should receive it back.

Order an Annual Deal 


1) Email Annie:

Say what genre you write and how many words per annum you would like: 100,000, 150,000, 300,000, or 500,000? We also issue bespoke quotations for other annual word allowances.

Please send a long work sample from an unedited piece of your work so Annie can gauge editing needs according to your writing proficiency.


We'll send an easy payment link and take payment for annual packages up-front.


2) Let Annie know if you'd like the formal written Agreement for annual clients or not. It's your choice. Some like to have that added assurance and others like to stay informal.

3) Send work whenever it's ready, throughout the next twelve months and up to your word limit. 

Annie adds work to the queue and emails a promised return date.

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