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Book Authors -- 2019 Fees


Between October 2018 and March 2019, Lead Editor Annie J signed up twenty annually-paying clients who'll use us for all their editing needs. She also edited a mountain of one-off scripts. This sounds as if Annie is flat out and indeed, things start that way after a batch of new annual sign-ups under contract. However, it isn't long before Annie has caught up and this can often leave a work hiatus.

We would very much like to fill this hiatus.


Only Annie works on fiction; the three other editors work for students, business writers and broad-spectrum non-fiction authors.


See our reviews for completed work

At August 2019, we have space for just three more multi-edit package clients (paying a large one-off fee for 300k, 500k words) and for any number of one-offs or 150k deals.

As stated above, while Annie does get disproportionately busy after taking a bunch of new clients, it tends to be for a short period only. 


Twiddling thumbs, contemplating one's navel and indulging in the British habit of tea-drinking and biscuit-dunking is no fun at all for an editor who relishes being flat-out busy.


August 2019--August 2020 Fees


Fees are rising slowly to try and get Annie off the ramen noodles, so grab the rates while you can. The reason for the low fees is simple: it gets the word out that there is a great editing service everyone can afford to try out. Annie is also happy to provide up to a 5,000-word sample free as a test edit for every author--and a longer sample for those authors considering multi-edit deals.

Note, however, this sample--irrespective of its size--needs to be a small proportion of a much longer book; we will not edit whole pieces free of charge as it should be a representative sample of longer copy. Otherwise, no one would buy editing; you'd just dive in and take a 'free sample' of a full book, ha. Sorry, folks... :)

Rates are gradually increasing as there is only one of Annie and she wishes to keep editing standards impeccable.


The services have ever only received 5-star reviews, and Annie plans to keep things this way. You'll see Annie has some reviews on the website 'Fiverr' too; we are aware some authors believe Fiverr a sub-par platform, but that's a myth! We've discovered there are some excellent clients to be found there. Who'd have thought it?

In fact, Annie has also found six bestselling clients there. And no, Annie doesn't edit for a fiver, ha. Our Fiverr fees are at least $0.010 per word--twice the rate offered in the deals on the website!

So we are happy to help these clients the same as any other.



'One-off'work is best for authors who don't plan to release several books a year.


These are prioritised the same as for annual clients, but you pay slightly more and aren't considered for Loyalty Rewards  unless you're a frequent one-off buyer.

50,000 words (USD) $300 (0.006/word) 

80,000 words (USD) $480 ($0.006/word) 

100,000 words (USD) $600 ($0.006/word)

Calculate one-off fees for any other number of words by multiplying the 
words by $0.006 (USD)

Payments are processed by Paypal--ask for an invoice or just 'send money' Funds must be received ahead of the editing task and you can be sure we won't let you down; check out all the Testimonials for reassurance! Every testimonial received is shown. 


Questions? Just ask: /

Multi-Edit Package Deals (Formerly known as Annual Deals)

Multi-edit packages knock the socks off one-off fees. These used to be called annual deals but Annie decided that having an expiry date for unused words was a bit unnecessary; most clients do use up their words in a reasonable time-frame. 

So now, buy whatever word allowance you'd like and the allowance won't expire. This allows you to pin down a great rate against future price rises. Buy however many you'd like to protect against fee rises--but note they're limited-availability deals.

Annie works with a maximum of 15 authors per annum under these deals, as she can only handle so much work. It can be useful to check what's available--they usually only become free when an author who had signed up has had all his/her editing needs met and is taking time out to write more material.


So, it's first come, first served. At August 2019, Annie can take on deals for 1.5m more words, so 3x 500k words or any combination of the below to a maximum of 1.5m words. 

Deal: <500,000 words a year: $2500 USD. ($0.005/word.)*

Deal: <300,000 words a year: $1500 USD. ($0.005/word.)*

Deal: <150,000 words a year: $750 USD ($0.005/word.)*


*Note, if you buy (say) 150k words instead of a one-off, submissions should be several short books amounting to 150k, not one long book. The package deals are for multiple submissions.

You may buy deal multiples; prolific authors sometimes do this, so all their work's covered.


Annual deals include enhanced editing, line editing, standard corrections edits, beta reads, proofreading, editorial feedback. Use your word allowance as you like.

Send, send, send--up to your word limit. 

Payments are processed by Paypal--ask for an invoice or just 'send money' Funds must be received ahead of the editing task and you can be sure we won't let you down; check out all the Testimonials for reassurance! Every testimonial received is shown. 


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Please contact us by email; we'll then 'phone you as necessary.

All clients receive our Reviewing Editor's 24-hour Whatsapp and email contact details.

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