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Crazily low fees.


Insanely good edits. 

Book Authors -- 2020 Fees & New Sign-Ups


Just Copyeditors has a mix of clients buying in one of two ways:


- Method 1: 'package deals' delivering X number of words. These are the most cost-effective offers we ever have available, authors paying ahead for a word allocation at a reduced price and drawing on these until their word allocation has been used up. Packages are now reserved for our most loyal and competent clients and Annie will decide who qualifies and at what rate per word. (Lowest rate: $0.005/word). See more about packages down the page. Please note also that while these deals do allow for some degree of 'enhanced edits' in which Annie adds small new parts to enhance a book as well as correcting the copy, they do not offer the same extent of additional material as the full-priced edits. In many cases, people buy Annie's skills to add a certain volume of additional ghostwriting to what the author has already written; if this is what you're interested in, you are better off buying a one-off or requesting a bespoke costing for a package deal created specifically to meet your needs. Discounts are still available.

However, if you're sure you need mostly regular editing and the insertion of minimal enhancement (new copy written by Annie) then this regular package will meet your needs, and if we have a package available at the time, Annie will slot you in. Ask to see if you're eligible to buy the package currently. Much depends on whether they are all sold, since only so many packages per annum can be offered--ensuring the work remains of a high quality.

- Method 2: 'one-off' edits. If you're a new/less-experienced writer or you write fewer words than, say, 150k per annum, you will find the one-off works better. Again, there's more detail down this page. 

In both cases, your work is looked at and Annie will give a rate for editing it based on the error rate and how long the edit will take.

If your work renders you eligible for a package--and if we happen to have one available at the time!--you will be offered the option to choose either that or a one-off, depending on your own preference. 

In both cases, fiction usually secures lower rates than non-fiction for the simple reason that it takes far less time and input. 


Want to see what others think of Annie's editing?

See up-to-date client reviews here



'One-off' work is best for authors who don't plan to release several books amounting to at least 150,000 words within (say) a couple of years. 

Rates for one-offs, just as for packages, will vary and are dependent on your work quality, but they can be as low as the following:

50,000 words (USD) $350 (0.007/word) 

80,000 words (USD) $560 ($0.007/word) 

100,000 words (USD) $700 ($0.007/word).


We can usually take in one-offs at all times of the year; just send an email (and a short test piece if you'd like to see one before committing).

Payments are processed by PayPal. Funds must be received ahead of the editing task and you can be sure we won't let you down; check out all the Testimonials for reassurance! Every testimonial ever received is shown, and we can also provide you with links to see the originals.


Still not convinced? Ask to chat with a referee in confidence. Many of our clients would be only too happy to oblige.  

Questions? Just ask:

Multi-Edit Package Deals (Formerly known as Annual Deals)

Multi-edit packages knock the socks off one-off fees. These used to be called annual deals but Annie decided that having an expiry date for unused words was unnecessary; most clients do use up their words in a reasonable time-frame. 

So now, buy whatever word allowance you'd like and the allowance won't expire. This allows you to pin down a great rate that's protected against future price rises.


Buy however many words you'd like--well, depending on what we have available at the time. As all our top-tier clients tend to sign up on packages, these only come up when someone else creates a space, usually when they have finished all their work and we have edited it--and they need some time out to write more!

So, it's first come, first served. At August 2020, Annie can take on deals for 1m more words, so 2x 500k words or any combination of the below to a maximum of 1m words. 


Please be aware that due to increased demand for Annie's editing, all authors wishing to come on board with a package deal now must have their work assessed before a rate per word or a package availability can be confirmed. 


The lowest rate offered (to top-tier clients only) under the packages are:

Deal: <500,000 words: $2500 USD. ($0.005/word.)*

Deal: <300,000 words: $1500 USD. ($0.005/word.)*

Deal: <150,000 words: $750 USD ($0.005/word.)*


*Note, if you buy (say) 150k words instead of a one-off, submissions should be several short books amounting to 150k, not one long book. The package deals are for multiple submissions.

You may buy deal multiples; prolific authors sometimes do this so all their work's covered.

Annual deals include enhanced editing, line editing, standard corrections edits, beta reads, proofreading, editorial feedback. Use your word allowance as you like.

Send, send, send--up to your word limit. 

Payments are processed by Paypal and are always received ahead, in full unless agreed otherwise.  

New Clients Often Ask...

Before you consider commissioning us for copy editing, you will want to know the answers to these:


"What types of work may I submit for editing?"

We take all kinds of copy editing.

Only Annie works on fiction; our three other editors work for students, business writers and broad-spectrum non-fiction authors. Annie does also work on non-fiction but for selected clients only. You can buy a package and submit different work types if you write across genres. 

In terms of content, it's a no-holds-barred approach! Every genre is welcome, and anything steamy, graphic or filled with blue language is treated just the same. You write for the market; we edit for the market too. If you turn it out, we'll edit it without a squeak! Many top-selling writers of erotica, police procedurals, thrillers, and psychological suspense now use only Annie. 

"Can your editor run an editing test for me?"

Absolutely--with pleasure!


Short copy-editing tests are available to all clients; send Annie whatever trial piece you'd like her to edit, up to 5,000 words, from the middle or end of your book. That's because a test piece works both ways--while you want to see our best editing, we want to see your worst work! Ha!


Many less-experienced authors start off great, yet their writing and grammar deteriorate toward the middle and end of a book, so we rarely want to test-edit the beginning of a book since that will have been edited to death.


Coming up with a costing depends on seeing work that's pretty much at its worst (in terms of what we'd expect to see when working for you). Don't be shy, send us your bad bits!

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