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Loyalty Rewards 2019

Book of the Year

Annual Clients' Loyalty Rewards 2019

Book of the Year

One annually-paying client wins this award at the close of each trading year. 


The first book will be selected from the scripts sent for copyediting between October 6th, 2018--when we rebranded as Just Copyeditors--and January 1st, 2020.

The lucky (and talented) winner of Book of the Year will win a limited edition Certificate of Merit, watermarked and hologrammed, an editorial review, a paid Facebook ad campaign for their chosen book, and a set of Amazon readers' reviews via our reader-reviewer panel. 

The winner of Book of the Year may also have won Book of the Quarter previously. However, our Book of the Year winner could equally be someone new.


Book of the Year is likely to have been chosen from around 250 edited scripts but an exact figure will be given at the time of the winner being announced.

The first 'year' (from which we will choose our Book of the Year winner) will of course be a little longer than twelve months, as Just Copyeditors took in its first scripts at an odd time of year.


In Year 2 and subsequent years, the Award winner will be chosen on/by January 1st. 

The first Book of the Year will be selected by 1st January 2020 and the winner

and their book will both be named here.


For this award, anonymity is not an option.

The author will be notified by email and their agreement to be named

will be sought ahead of publishing the winner.



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