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Loyalty Rewards 2019

Editorial Reviews

Annual Clients' Loyalty Rewards 2019

Just Copyeditors' Editorial Reviews

It is a delight to come across a well-written manuscript when editing. It sends a shiver down the spine!

Great work deserves an Editorial Review. If your book is selected to receive one, one of our editors will send you one by email.

You can copy this in whole or in part onto your website or your Amazon book description on the sales page for the book, giving credibility to your book and creating a heightened interest in it. 

Note that Editorial Reviews are not posted to reader reviews on Amazon, but are sent to you for you to add to your book's sales page. Books selected for an editorial review will be named on this website, offering readers a way to back-check the review's authenticity.

Our Rewards target the best writers, elevating our brand's credibility in the publishing community.

This initiative goes live in: April 2019


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