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Loyalty Rewards 2019

Book Reviewer Panel

Annual Clients' Loyalty Rewards 2019

Just Copyeditors' Book Reviewer Panel

Annie has accrued more than 3,000 willing book reviewers in a panel.

Each reviewer has an Amazon account and regularly buys e-booksThese unpaid Amazon customers will read our authors' books, writing an Amazon review if they so choose. They write quality reviews.


There is no pressure on any to do so; it is entirely relaxed and voluntary. The reviews will be our readers' opinions; we will not influence them.

How It Works

When Annie or other editors have seen a worthy book among our editing submissions, we ask the author if they would like to submit it to the reviewer panel.

If the author wishes to accept, a brief synopsis of the book is sent to the entire panel. Reviewers wishing to read the book free are sent the book or script.

Only the readers who asked for the book by name will be sent a copy. The number of reviewers will vary depending on how interesting they find your synopsis or blurb.

We'd like to offer files in the ways readers request individually.

We do not put reader-reviewers in contact with authors; this is an intermediary service so the reviewers remain truly anonymous and feel they can leave truthful reviews.

Annie continues to build the reviewer database. The aim is to reach at least 10,000 active book reviewers.

While authors who buy our annual deals will receive this service free if selected, any author may buy this service from us at any time, even if not a Just Copyeditors client. We need to see whole scripts in order to decide whether we wish to put it forward to readers under an initiative linked to our brand.


Of course, only well-edited books will be suitable.

This initiative goes live in: June 2019


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