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Excellent, on-demand copyediting.

It's what we do here.

I'm Annie, a lead publishing copyeditor and top-selling author.

I'm aided by nine top-end freelance sub-editors as well as the free services of the inimitable Furry Sub-Editor

Just Copyeditors offers highest-calibre editing to book authors and publishers, globally.

End of story.

All clients 'buy' the work of Annie Jenkinson. I do have junior editors to run a 'first-pass' edit only, then I redo the whole twice. That's once for corrections, once for additions and enhancements. It simply means a junior editor cleans the basic errors before I get to work my magic. 

I spruce up the books of more than 200 authors a year, many of whom are now top-selling (89% at August 2023) due to the work I perform on scripts.

Much work comes from private clients like you, while other work comes from editorial platforms.


For Book Authors

Just Copyeditors offers copy-editing and enhancement services that are available nowhere else in the world. Really. Nowhere!

The essence of many treatments is that I edit for corrections with an aim to address every issue, then I rewrite all awkward parts, and in a third stage, add up to 30% new writing depending on what a book script is calling out for.

This is the service no one else offers since it requires excellent abilities in ghostwriting at the same standard as line editing and copy editing.

So much has changed since I (Annie, Lead Editor) set up this website in late 2018. I desperately need to update the site to reflect 2024's offering but being busy with edits does not help!

Therefore, please note this website will be undergoing updates in 2024 to reflect the changes since the nature of my edits has also altered somewhat!


I started by giving discounted copy-editing packages through authors' forums, with an emphasis on price-led offers for high-end edits that aim to leave NO errors in the script!


To be frank, I am tired of seeing lazy edits by other editors, ones addressing only a tiny percentage of errors while leaving the majority untouched. 


I have even seen editors introducing many fresh errors.


The business quickly grew to a point where, in 2024, I can only take one in every six to eight projects offered, and I work for many top names and publishers but love to work for new indie authors too.

I'll elevate your book to be the very best it can become, no matter what it takes. 

Deep copy edits are great but these don't sell books. They help. But it does sell books when I elevate your work to bring the copy to a much higher standard.

Now, in 2024, most clients come for that enhanced service with the combination of deep copy editing, rewrites (as required), and new ghostwritten elements (also as required).

Clients provide to me a finished book script as in any normal edit. I copy-edit it (line edit/whatever edit is needed), PLUS I flesh it out, make it more evocative, engaging, immersive, and saleable.

Hardly anyone now wants just a standard edit for corrections since the clients' sales speak loudly. Around 98% of clients buy the product in which I dually line edit to eliminate errors at the same time as ghostwriting and rewriting wherever needed to ensure the best performance of the book. 

89% of clients (at August 2023) whose books were not selling well beforehand are now top sellers, many having attracted good agents and/or traditional publishing contracts with leading publishing houses.

I welcome all genres, fiction and non-fiction, but specialise in fantasy, science fiction, memoirs, literary fiction, women's fiction, young adult and new adult, mystery and suspense, and thrillers.


There are very few genres I do not edit; gaming literature is one, and only because I am not a gamer so don't know the nuances sufficiently to run the 'enhanced edit' I prefer to offer.


However, if you are looking for an editor for Lit RPG and you're happy to take just a 'corrections and minor uplifts' edit, I can still help. I just can't add to the book in the way I can within other genres.



Editing/Enhancement Needs?

Let's talk about your copy-editing and enhancement needs. Please send at least 3,000 words as a Microsoft Word document for me to see. It would be great to also know the genre, as well as how many words the full script is.

I will be in touch.

Here are the contact details:

WhatsApp or SMS: 07494 907638

*I do not answer the phone so please, if using the phone number, send me either an SMS or WhatsApp message first. I can call if you like after that. 

Please note that I don't use the Just Copyeditors website to handle my email since the site fails to send me critical client notifications. This is some sort of glitch within the Wix mail handling app.

Gmail will deliver your messages safely and promptly to the right inbox and desk!

I don't log in daily on Gmail; I do so only in between deadlines so that I don't become sidetracked. I treat every edit as if it were my own book, working immersively, fitting in nothing else simultaneously that distracts me from your book! Therefore, if you've emailed me, why not also send me an SMS or WhatsApp message just to tell me to check my email?

07494 907638 WhatsApp/SMS Only

See the Terms & Conditions.

Read About Fees.

Read About Our Service. 

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