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Excellent, on-demand copyediting.

It's what we do here.

We're a small team of copyeditors led by Annie, aided by the free services of our inimitable Furry Sub-Editor
We offer highest-calibre editing to book authors and publishers.

End of story.

Hi, I'm Annie, the Lead Editor. I work with Brad, my sub-editor.

I spruce up the books of more than 200 authors a year, many of whom are now top-selling.

Much work comes from private clients like you, while other works comes from Reedsy, authors' forums and, increasingly, Fiverr which brings a lot of work from top authors globally. 

See some of my latest reviews here:


For Book Authors

Just Copyeditors offers copy-editing and enhancement services that are available nowhere else. Really. Nowhere! Read on. 

So much has changed since I--Annie, Lead Editor--set up this website in late 2018. I started by giving discounted copy-editing packages through authors' forums, with an emphasis on price-led offers for high-end edits. 



The business quickly grew to a point where, in 2022, I can only take one in six projects offered, and I work for many top names and publishers but I'll always love to work for indie authors too.

I and my sub-ed are the only editors worldwide who--as well as deep copy editing or line editing your book script--also enhance your work with partial rewrites and extensive ghostwriting if needed. We elevate your book to be the very best it can become, no matter what it takes. 

Deep copy edits are great but these don't sell books. They help. But it does sell books when I elevate your work to bring the copy to a much higher standard.

Now, in 2022, most clients come for that enhanced service with the combination of deep copy editing, rewrites (as required), and new ghostwritten elements (also as required).

Clients provide us with a finished book script as in any normal edit. We copy-edit it (line edit/whatever edit is needed), PLUS we flesh it out, make it more evocative, engaging, immersive, and saleable.

Hardly anyone now wants just a standard edit for corrections since the clients' sales speak loudly. 

87% of clients whose books were not selling well beforehand are now top sellers, many having attracted good traditional publishing contracts. 

We welcome all genres, fiction and non-fiction, but specialise in fantasy, science fiction, erotica, romance, mystery and suspense, and thrillers.



Editing/Enhancement Needs?

Let's talk about your copy-editing and enhancement needs. Please send at least 3,000 words as a Microsoft Word document for us to see. Annie will be in touch.

Here are the contact details:

Please message both email addresses! 

See the Terms & Conditions.

Read About Fees.

Read About Our Service. 


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