Excellent, on-demand copyediting.

It's what we do here.

We're a small team of copyeditors led by Annie, aided by the free services of our inimitable Furry Sub-Editor
We offer highest-calibre editing to book authors and publishers.

End of story.

Hi, I'm Annie, the Lead Editor. I work with Dan, and Mollie who work on other editing types, but I am your editor for all fiction work. I can also personally run your non-fiction edits on request.

I spruce up the books of more than 120 authors a year, many of whom are now top-selling.

I offer editing, proofreading and beta reading, finding all inconsistencies and redundant words, and eradicating errors and awkward phraseology.

I also enhance the writing where you wish, sprucing up the copy to lift the prose and make the book fly.


I don't know of any other editor who does this, since it can go as far as ghostwriting small new segments for you (giving you the copyright) as well as really perking up what you've written, if your work requires (and if you wish) and all at no added fee.


That's our 'standard service', but elevated!


Buy one-off edits or ongoing packages to service all your editorial needs throughout the next year.



For Book Authors

Just Copyeditors gets under the skin of authors' books; we aren't just going to run them through error-finding software. Authors can do that themselves; why pay for it?

We keep rates low, with an affordable $0.007/word (USD) for one-offs and $0.005/word for multi-edit packages, at August 2020.


Most clients buy the packages, where the fee stands at $0.005/word as long as your error rate is acceptable pre-joining. Whether you are accepted on a package depends on the quality of your sample or prior work.


The packages are best suited to experienced authors, since these are offered to top-tier writers only. 

The multi-edit packages are innovative and include the use of any services, at any time. Send what you'd like us to edit, having paid the commensurate fee.


New clients signing up to 'packages' carry on using their word allowances until the words are used up. There is no longer an annual expiry date. (It used to be an annual thing).


A contract is available--some authors want one, some don't. 


Package deals are limited; we can only handle a certain work volume at our high output quality.

Included in annual deals: copyediting, line editing, proofreading and beta reading of all your indie books, expediently and free of excuses. We don't go quiet or fail to deliver.

(Hmm, where have we heard about those dodgy 'disappearing editor' shenanigans? That's right, KBoards author forum!)

We welcome all genres, subject matter, fiction and non-fiction, but specialise in fantasy, science fiction, erotica, romance, mystery and suspense, and thrillers.

Why not send Annie a short one-off piece as a free trial, then request a multi-edit package if you love our work?  editor@just-copyeditors.com

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