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Book Authors:
Win prizes for your great submissions. 


Just send in your  scripts for editing, proofreading or beta reading; we give prizes for pieces we love.

What are you waiting for?
Get submitting.
Go, go!
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Submissions for Regular Editing Prizes


Note: these 'regular editing' prizes are quite separate from the Competitions we run.

Competitions are one-off events with a specific theme, whereas regular prizes are available all the time and are randomly given for books that were a great read. 

Your first editing submission in any month is considered for a prize without extra work on your part. 

We can't consider more than one submission per month, per person* as authors could dredge up scripts from decades ago and submit by the truckload!

Your first submission each month is the one we'll consider.

Do send as much editing as you'd like; this doesn't affect editing agreements. 

We're looking for writing that keeps us pinned to our seats. Non-fiction's just as likely to win.

If you see no announcement after your script has returned to you, it doesn't mean you haven't won; maybe we're waiting for improved cash flow.

Talk about keeping you in suspense, eh?

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Prizes--for winners drawn from regular editing.


Prizes are valued between £10 and £250. They are available to all clients who submit scripts for editing or proofreading.

The greater the prize value, the bigger the talent we think we've spotted; several editors read any scripts proposed for a prize, so it takes three or more of us to agree on giving one.

If you're a winner in the United Kingdom, you'll choose your prize from Amazon's U.K. store.

How about a huge flat screen television, the newest Kindle or a snazzy mobile phone? Toys for the little ones? A crazy golf set? A wig?


We could go on... And on!


The item you select must be marked Amazon Prime - 'deliver tomorrow'

We insist on Amazon Prime as we can specify when gifts are delivered, avoiding headaches where people aren't at home. If you don't want it 'tomorrow'--no problem. Items marked for next-day delivery are ones where we can also designate a different delivery date.

If you're overseas, we may need to check out the Prime status for you; let us know what you'd like and we will do the research.

All prizes are physical goods; there's no cash alternative.

If you're outside the United Kingdom, you can also choose a prize from We'll receive it, check it, re-wrap it and post it.


For winners outside the U.K., weight allowances apply--and your prize must be unproblematic in customs and excise terms.

Your writing is confidential so we only publish it if authors ask us to. Otherwise, we say who won, the prize value and the writer's genre.


If you accept a prize, you must agree to us publishing those basic details.

We'd also love a photo of you with your prize, for the website; however, that's not mandatory.


In addition to Regular Editing Prizes we give at editors' discretion, we run occasional competitions anyone can enter.

Those are a little more demanding, while still being enormous fun.

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