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Loyalty Rewards 2019

Certificates of Merit

Annual Clients' Loyalty Rewards 2019

Certificates of Merit

Our editor Annie may choose to award a Certificate of Merit to any book we edit, at any point in the year. These are professionally-produced certificates ready to mount and display on your wall in your office. They will be mailed out in a card-backed envelope.

They are watermarked and hologrammed for authenticity, and signed by Annie. Only a small number will be awarded. We estimate that we edit 250 scripts per annum, and expect to award certificates to a maximum of 8% of submissions, so fewer than twenty-five per year.

To accept a certificate, you must agree to be named and your winning book identified on this website and on the authors' forums KBoards and Writer Sanctum. It would be excellent if you would formally accept your award there in the form of a public post, so others can see it is a real award going to a real author!

The plan is to name all authors and awards on the website so these will accrue over time and encourage others to submit their best work for editing.



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