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Loyalty Rewards 2019

Blurb & Story Clinic

Annual Clients' Loyalty Rewards 2019

Just Copyeditors' Blurb & Story Clinic

Annie has secretly accrued more than 3,000 willing book reviewers in a panel. And we're continuing to recruit readers and reviewers until we have at least 10,000 Amazon reviewers, keen to help us out. It really won't be hard to achieve--everyone's raring to go!

Each reviewer has an Amazon account and regularly buys e-books. Now, when we have so many keen and enthusiastic helpers, why not use them in other ways too?


Annie has had the bright idea that these same readers will be able to 'vote' on any number of issues important to our regular-buyer clients.  

For example:

- have you devised several blurbs and want to know which is the best?

- have you thought of outline plots you'd like readers to vote on?

- are you unsure about some characters' names?

- would you like to know which book cover is the best?

- how about, let the readers vote on which book title is most enticing?

- what about voting on your ideas for new author names?

The list goes on. Anything people could vote on, we can already put to our growing reader panel. Annie will use polling software to get an accurate measure of the results.


The only stipulation for using this service is that you have purchased at least three edits from Just Copyeditors since October 2018. If you have signed up to an annual deal of 150,000 words or more, you're already eligible to use this service by default even if you have not yet put forward your books for copyediting.

When you have a task for the reader panel, pop it along to Annie at: and / or, and attach any materials you'd like the panel to consider and vote on. Annie will get your work seen by at least 500 readers and will return to you with the votes.

This initiative goes live in: It's already alive and kicking!

Contact: /

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